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The reading of the three-inch lotus mbt chapa of gold, the rich connotation and denotation

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The reading of the three-inch lotus mbt chapa of gold, the rich connotation and denotation

Post by chuoni78 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:17 pm

With regard to the history of the lotus feet, I think many people will be connected and the shoe culture. Its meaning and extent of the rich, it can be said to be added to achieve a degree. Which implies the airjordanmax of foot binding, foot binding and maintenance methods, styles of walking, geographic features, shoes arch of production and style, and the pace after the wrap of your feet, dance and the overall image, the nike shox classicof poetry, theater, art narrative description of the images, and even sculpture and CISU? This is the story of the shoe can be said is unique.
It can be said that the world is only three inches of golden lotus, and only then the development of the shoe functions to the extreme. This cheap nike shoxsexual function (fun boudoir), the aesthetic function (lotus three "expensive", "Shimmies," "Five-style," "Nine", "sixteen King"), depending on the performance stage (three-inch lotus Gold has long been an important air max of the content on stage), a collection of functions (with arched embroidered not only in modern times, it is preferable for people at the moment and collections), Entertainment (gold shoes Lotus can be used as capital goods for small and shoes, glass jar), etc.. And so on. (Speaking of shoes, cup, and now people seem not to understand, in fact, exquisitely small golden lotus shoes are not an ordinary sense of the mbt-m-walk, but it has become a dazzling derivative works of exquisite art, so it was that people appreciated, the game is a natural thing.)
in addition, the three-inch golden lotus can be said that women were re-shaping. In the past a very long period of time, the three-inch golden lotus contributed to such a concept: air-jordan-max.com (especially you women) will be feet tied. Wrapped around the feet, is more like a woman, not a woman with bound feet, not only looking extremely stupid rough, but also that of his social status? Chou Cheng-chi of the lotus has a pair of small, but necessary for any style, his feet discount-shox.comin pretty standard in front of everyone, especially the solemn assembly, not wait for the skin, will be ashamed of. The reason why it is useless to say.
lotus feet of the strong gender-neutral special: sharp, upturned, thin, like shoes arc cone (usually also embroidered on a variety of models synchronized) is a female-specific thing, nike shox deliverin a pair of "Miao says that fiber it is difficult to "walk children, but nothing less than non-female, non-men who can be easily concealed. It is also an insurmountable gap dresser. Therefore, *** has become the lotus feet of natural features. E 'is also unique in popular culture.
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