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cracked passengers bank card password

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cracked passengers bank card password

Post by hfghjfgjrg on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:29 am

Xinhuanet henan http://www.cheapcoachoutletsale.com/ on January 24 big river - the henan business reports: (reporter ZhangYiLi correspondent ZhangShengLi ZhangYaoFeng king would) many people are used to his own birthday, id card number, number as bank card coach purses, actually this is very dangerous things. XinMiShi a Colombian found in its passengers fall after the taxi wallet, not only fail to return, and another coach bags according to the id number, package cracked passengers bank card password, will be on the card 1.53 million cash out.Yesterday, XinMiShi procuratorate prosecution, coach handbags sale was named wei small some with by credit card by the court's crime of fraud sentenced to imprisonment of 1 year, probation 2 years and shall also be fined 2 million yuan. Another the defendant ZhangWenXue be coach store to imprisonment of 6 months, probation 1 year, fined 2 million yuan.XinMiShi procuratorates upon examination found that last October 26 18 when a XinMiShi xu, chu wei small coach wallet sale in on some open qianlima taxi, the purse in backseats cause forgotten in the car, bags with owner the id card, peony, mobile phones and commercial bank goods. On that day, the wei little have the purse hiding on the car, will be a phone's http://www.cheapcoachoutletsale.com/coach-shoes-c-84.html.

Then, the wei little have gucci outlet another taxi driver ZhangWenXue, according to chu a id number cracked the Labour travel card password. In the remaining sum inside ZhaXunKa 1.53 million yuan deposit, have little have XinMiShi XiDaJie wei from XinMiShi subbranch of a commercial gucci bags outlet online within ATM take cash 15,000 yuan to the ZhangWenXue 5000 yuan.The morning 1 is made, ZhangWenXue again to http://www.guccioutlet-mall.com/gucci-shoes-c-67.html take cash 300 yuan.Report by the owner, the public security organ in 2010 will taka on October 27, small have arrested, ZhangWenXue later surrendered.XinMiShi procuratorate deputy chief procurators gucci sunglasses remind, with birthday, mobile phone number, bank card number these are easy to be "decipher" number as bank card password is very dangerous things. Can you believe it? gucci belt in the hands of a credit card will soon be like music tapes is same, outdated.Intelligent mobile payment function is rapidly developing. gucci belt sale, in your ball, just take out a cellular phone to click, will easily be able to buy a hot dog fort, shopping way thirsty, gently a brush can get a cup of air max 24-7 latte.

Mobile payment air max 2011 operator Isis executive Michael Abbott pointed out: "this is a good chance to move forward," the future you my hand this plastic card will become the past, like music by tapes period of air max 2012 patterns towards the digital age.Mobile payment function has been in the industry for many years, the current global test millions of cell air max have contactless payment function expected this year, related technologies and development can be a long step forward. Market research institutions aeryn advisory group even estimates that by 2015 mobile payment business toryburchhut.com to reach 220 million dollars.
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