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Cold crowded bus clad HouYu thief

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Cold crowded bus clad HouYu thief

Post by hfghjfgjrg on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:28 am

Everyone will cheapcoachoutletsale ms shen house surrounded when someone see ms shen home balcony window appears to be open. This, people feeling more, the thief probably still hiding in the room. Soon, built were 110 police also catch up. After deliberation, shen lady's husband first coach purses sale into the house, beitou. "Slowly slowly, DianBang to him." Shen lady's husband entered doors will be open, but unfortunately, after examination, the thief disappears already. Look again shen lady home, bedroom, sitting http://www.cheapcoachoutletsale.com/coach-bags-c-65.html, have been turned over a times, a laptop computer and a mobile phone stolen. Shen, says ms fortunately, she didn't at home store cash, otherwise the loss is bigger. Subsequently, police in ms shen's a photograph, forensics, coach handbags store to initiate an investigation on this matter.

Citizens sun 9 coach store 'clock yesterday morning, lost her favorite mobile phones. She think carefully, throw things to himself all wear that thick coats are concerned. Sun tells a reporter, she was in coach wallet a large stores after shopping, ready on 28 bus home. When she is in the bus, and then find someone desperately crowded but found on the car a feather pocket of my wallet has disappeared, especially in the last bus before, coach shoes a telephone after phone on with feather pocket, results imperceptible in cell phone also thieves have stolen. Sun in anger also summarizes experience, she said: "in thick clothes gucci outlet mall are easy to be a thief steal things, because clothing is too thick, oneself simply can't feel stolen."Miss wang also with sun had the same gucci bags outlet online. Yesterday morning at about 10, 34 bus runs until XinJieKou north station, many people are beginning to get on the car, miss wang jostling with my friend very not easy to gucci shoes on a crowded bus. In the bus was driving, she suddenly found their own mobile phone disappeared, her friends immediately start dialing, http://www.guccioutlet-mall.com/gucci-sunglasses-c-68.html a cellular phone ringing several loud, miss wang mobile then after shutdown. She says, because of the cold weather dressed very thick, cell phones are on the outermost pocket, the thief must be subjected to cheap gucci belt crowded train just before mobile phones stolen.

Thank you, huadu gucci belt sale service good!" 19 January morning, from shenzhen passenger LiuWeiWei part-time back, take stolen wallet exciting and dimed heze west station huadu sub-stations staff thanks to air max 24-7. Originally, the day is Spring Festival transportation on the first day, return much more special passenger station. Morning, the conductor in air max 2011 about some found the ticket window sill found a wallet, she searched for owner fruit immediately after the purse handed in by many office, the station department personnel to air max 2012 scene counted, found my wallet has cash 1600 yuan in cash and six zhang yinhang, there are many papers, station the office air max through radio look for the loser. Twenty minutes later, a passenger rush arrives at the office, identification, certificates and cash amount one to toryburchhut.com grateful.
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