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As we love summer, hot but tender.

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As we love summer, hot but tender.

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:13 am

She said: I like to hold you from behind, touch your body like the taste of tobacco, as well as sleep, the child-like twist. I gently scrape on her nose, said: I like the aroma of your body, let me coach wallet outlet. Love you gently bit my earlobe, I love you.
We are crazy in love with each other, and finally one day she's against the wishes of her parents, decided to drag a big suitcase and moved to my small flat. oakley sunglasses sale , and many of the same couple in love, happy life together.
Us imagine the future, buy a bigger house, better to have a greenhouse, pots were planted each clove, the same tree as the sea, driving a purple flower. Also have an infant room, the room layout to be like the fairy tale world, like the scene, so that our children have a happy life every day in this place. Of course, the child must be a girl, clever, clever. She said the chanel glasses eyes must be like the father and other places must be like her mother. I asked why? She said: There is no reason. Cover your mouth and then secretly smiled.
Every night, we hugged to sleep, she always savage said: give me your shoulders. Finish will be proud of http://www.oakleysunglasses-sale.com/ray-ban-sunglasses-c-68.html , like she's pretending to be brutal. Whenever this time, I will laugh in the bottom of my heart.
The flowers of the season, every day I revel in the atmosphere of lilac, not just always appear in the dream from the clove tree, as well as her body fragrance comes out of the.
She would sometimes say: I am in your heart during the day, at night I'm in your dreams, love, let me how to love you.
I would say with deep feeling, Xu said: "The life of at least one time, you forget yourself for someone, no result, no company, no ownership, nor love, but only in my most beautiful years, met you. "
Hearing will be tears she looked at me said: Do not you say so, this life you can not escape the clutches of my. Clenched fist will finish it, it seems that my heart was really in her hands. Still later will smile gucci glasses Being caught off guard when the time comes, I always feel all that has happened, is so untrue.
Worry about the outcome of mind, may be a disease, it will have selective attack at some stage, and then quietly leave, leaving only an empty, can not make up, can not heal.
The format of poetry as in life, ping ping prada glasses ze been filled wordsI really hope that our good days, will always go slowly so tranquil. However, in the second year of winter, I lost the life of loved ones. We have already said yes, so when the christian dior sunglasses wedding day, her wedding will be encrusted on the blossoming lilac, all the flowers are open will be no dark colors, she will be the world's most beautiful the
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