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and look helpless children

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and look helpless children

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:11 am

I suddenly very angry, rushed past to grab the glass, drank a glass of wine a upward, and then took her hand, going
The sun was warm, I even smell the fragrance of lilac. Obviously midnight, how could the sun, I have some lost their sense, a car driving over the face, I caught off oakley sunglasses sale to want to escape, while rolling ring in my mind, I woke up. Touched upon layer of cold sweat, knowing that had a dream.
However, a splitting headache, a bit casual touch the temple, was found to be a bandage wrapped on the. Rubbed his eyes and saw that, I am not at home, but in the chanel glasses ward. The sun shines through the windows of the room and my body, white walls thrown up some more of the dazzling sheen. A touch of floral from my left, a bouquet of flowers placed on the nightstand. Large room, put two beds, the other a http://www.oakleysunglasses-sale.com/ray-ban-sunglasses-c-68.html hair and disorderly.
I was very surprised, Why I'm here, in the end what happened?
Woke up and frighten the woman, and she sat facing me, I am more than happy: really you? I asked.
She rounded up about hair, and the light smile, gaze a bit confused.
I smell the fragrance of lilac, is it coming from her direction, is the feeling I can not forget that the best season, had lost the scent.
You wake up, God bless, Amen. Her devotion to the gucci glasses of the cross.
I am surprised the question is: how, how can I be here? You know, I'm looking for you for many years? Are not so many years of your message. I have a series of questions and she seemed to know what to do, a slender fingers wrapped around his hands and his eyes are erratic, like me, half prada glasses drunk children between the eyes.
She hesitated a moment and slowly said: I have not left you ah. Each word seems to say it costs a lot of effort is.
Suddenly my head a bit dizzy, feeling the warmth of the sun once more. The open window came the wind slowly blowing up gentle, gentle stroking her hair.
christian dior sunglasses Three days, listening to her about that night, I lost my memory of what happened later.
She stumbled out of the bar was my, her friends are probably drinking too much, and did not come out to block. Here, I interrupted her to say: what do they block out, you're my girlfriend. After listening to my words, she was.
How the? I asked. Her face is bewildered, as if had anything to say, but submissive is not to say it. Pale lilac flowers it coming, I am a little intoxicated.
What do you want? I woke up children of God, and asked her: What happened last
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