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wandering fish.

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wandering fish.

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:11 am

To his hometown as a company clerk came to the city for a long time, choose to come here for the simple reason is that never seen the sea. coach outlet store normally limited to computers, television, or photography images. So, when I see everything on the ocean, makes me excited.
Light flickering at, twinkling with a variety of color changes. Alcohol in the body finally started coach purses outlet, I seem in the middle of the ocean, thoughts floating in a blue sea above. Rose everywhere are odd dream-like vision.
When alcohol and good music together, when the world is drunk.
Finally, a glass of wine into the mouth when drunk the more concentrated a lot. It is time to leave, I shake a bit heavy that some of the first, walked in the clouds like a foot pace, walked out somewhat stagger.
Passing through a bar table, I casually glance, the whole body suddenly startled, actually stopped.
Then think of that glimpse of the stop, or the feeling is wonderful, is Buddha's fate, or what? coach bags outlet can not explain clearly.
I look at only one person, a woman I am familiar, her long hair, in the bewildering light, the strange thing is, I actually can clearly see her face, I glance, and her eyes just coach handbags outlet, that moment, the world instant invisible in the moment.
I remembered the young when the first love of a beautiful but Mourn the Death of a dream can not forget the hundred thousand turn back the http://www.cheapcoachoutletonline.com/coach-shoes-c-81.html face. A dust-laden for a long time, and always will slip into my dreams, cherished for many years and the lingering shadows.
Is it her? Must, my brain had a moment's sober, but also with her to see the three men and two women there, she seems to be being forced to drink a tall glass full coach wallet outlet of liquid, is close to her lips, there is another one man's hand, asked the bottom of the glass, to the upward tilt. I clearly saw her helpless smile
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