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the also the same as before it?

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the also the same as before it?

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:10 am

Tears are not the first language stream. Heart scattered the bits of fragmented, weak feeling has changed dramatically, once dreaming has been gradually fading out of the bottom of my heart. Sigh, what to Heaven. Why make my life so much frustration. If air jordan can reincarnation, I would like to return to the past, so relaxed and happy in their own back. the air max , or sky. I am no longer a juvenile childish off, cigarettes, alcohol filled and Sunburn burning, so that my have become more mature taste.
Some fragments of memories of youth, after finishing, and air max 24-7, into the reach of one who treasures the corner, is the fear of growing old, when suddenly one day to forget, we have had good memories.
Like to see cigarette burns, smoke float in the light, let my thoughts in the confusion, the finding of déjà vu. Has been like wine, especially when alcohol, such as dancers, jumping in the body, the enjoyment of the kind of inexplicable joy. A long time, used to wander in the jordan spizike, used in the debauchery of the night, go to a familiar bar, find a quiet corner, listening to melodious music, the time placed in the glass slowly, in the colorful laser lamp, and read of a person's mind.
There may be restless in nature, the elements, always like wandering. Just listening to a distant friend of the words in Yunnan, I left home twenty lunar max of life. He said: The outside world is wonderful. Just ignore the back should also be some word.
This is a coastal city, the air was full to contain the taste of the sea, every smooth breathing, seems to have exceeded the oxygen filling the body. Feel like this no shelter, just as exposure to the blue sea were the same. Many times, I will think of myself as a fish, is one of many marine fish in an unfettered
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