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Chaos and have a clear memory

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Chaos and have a clear memory

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:09 am

Chaos and have a clear memory, human life is very long, but once past those beautiful, destined to be your memory of this life can never be relieved, even though you want to bury him and forget! Flowers are blooming. Curved path, you and I walk in the avenue, and listen to your true oakley sunglasses sale asks, since we became the envy of a pair of friends. Will never forget the joy you gave me, you gave me life never left indelible marks. Red roll, beauty groups. Only you and back together, stubbornly persists, peacefulness, Red wonderful music, romantic, v. endless fun. One after another, like the dance of life the beauty of flowers, one after another different kind of dance of life, beautiful scenery. Who are you? Moon Shadow Window chanel glasses both drunk, who is? Emerald green flowers small courtyard, listening to street prostitution wan warble, to see whisper. Like fire in the chest, melted my cold body. Feelings of http://www.oakleysunglasses-sale.com/ray-ban-sunglasses-c-68.html in good time. Kissed by your handsome face, slowly stopped breathing, term tide rolling in the chest, spreading joy soft my heart, since I seem to have returned to the wedding time, and that happiness, only you and I know. You say: how the world would be such a wonderful moment.
How many young lives, do not value life the true feelings? Whether you feel so far or near. They can not stand losing all the pain. Overwhelmed with sorrow, tears dripping on the keyboard, tap gently, love and hate in the text gucci glasses term, between the lines bathed in the melancholy of my mind. Why were so many years, but only distant across the screen of the sea, why the far ends of the earth, made me pull so gut hanging be prada glasses. Do not know if you add the clothes, Holidays, thinking about whether you eat delicious meals. Live on your own is fun. Like you, but he can not give you happiness, think you can not go to see you, only softly across the cold screen asking you, ask, how are you. I want you. How I wish you could come back, even if it is fleeting encounter, only to see you. Quietly say, in fact, I miss you! In fact, I still love you!
Wasted years, suffered a lot. christian dior sunglasses Ma'am, a lot, but you will never forget. Network heartless, how can hearts to secretly is healing, I would like each other all the same? No one's heart is not filled with frustration and sadness!
World in its own truth, love and hate always in the moment, may never be lost again, to own, even with
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