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According to records

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According to records

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:08 am

According to records: the history and culture in the air jordan of Western philosophy, Plato was a character has a pivotal position, his teacher Socrates, Aristotle students. The three men thought of Western civilization and has a profound impact. About love between teachers and students there is an air max 24-7 conversation, but this conversation, but also a profound impact on many people's thoughts on love.
One day, Plato, Socrates asks: "What is love?"
Socrates smiled and said: "You go to pick a catcher in the largest and best wheat came back, and in this process, allowing only one chance, and can only move forward, not back." Plato, according to Su Gela If the air max
Socrates asked him: "reach them yet?"
Plato shook his head and said: "At first I felt very easy to go out with confidence, but in the end empty-handed!"
Socrates continues to ask: "Why?"
Gas from the date of Plato sighed, said: "It's hard too see a good, but do not know is not the best, because you can only pick one, but unfortunately had to give up; so, then move forward, to see if there better, but the more I move forward, the more to see a good find as before, so I did not pick; when the jordan spizike has come to an end, did not realize the largest and most full of wheat has long been missed, had to leave empty-handed strategy! "
This time, Socrates said eloquently: "This is the 'love'."
Later, gave rise to Platonic love.
For love, different people have their own perception. For me, love is the gift.
My favorite is the realm of love Eileen lunar max "love", "thousands of people, you meet
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