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With the world men and women

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With the world men and women

Post by renedd on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:06 am

Throughout the ages, there is oakley sunglasses sale woman Fuxin Han statement circulated through the ages. Therefore, let chanel glasses of love and dedication to the pursuit of even more edge. Every woman, every era from the girls, like the prince has his own mind, whether he is Prince Charming, or the dark horse of the Prince, each woman was all like to be a fairy tale princess, prince, beloved by his spoil, hurt the . Helpless and heavy even in the face of life, love fantasy woman, also wish I could like Cinderella's lucky, one day, was picked up in love with her prince.
Have been like to write poems, therefore, also have their own understanding of love, even if this understanding is superficial, and I also have their own http://www.oakleysunglasses-sale.com/ray-ban-sunglasses-c-68.html . Even American movies, in addition to the classic large, I am interested in only a romance, I like the beautiful and romantic love, love the taste of the kind of other-worldly air.
Some say: "Life is like an umbrella full of holes, whereas love is the patch." Perhaps, in real life really is too plain, therefore, need to mend a wounded heart of love, perhaps because of an extraordinary life is too tasteless, gucci glasses it is more necessary to regulate the life of love.
I think, love and happiness as more of a feeling from the heart. Between men and women love a certain social base and based on the common ideal of life, in their admiration for the formation of the heart, desire for the development of prada glasses and desire to each other as their partner for life is a strong feeling of pure single-minded.
Different people have different personalities, so different people interpreted the color of their love scene.
I like platonic love. Platonic love is an ideal type of love, is also a very romantic love can not be realized or view.
He described to us such an exciting christian dior sunglasses: love's side stand, quietly pay, silently waiting. Approached not expect, nor pray with; do not even know the results still do not regret attachment. Perhaps this is not asking for anything destined to a tragic ending. Ultimately, it can only be two parallel lines in the distance waiting, leaving fragments of memories as the most beautiful everlasting!
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