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Smart enough to wear the high heels must know

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Smart enough to wear the high heels must know

Post by keqing on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:51 pm

Thumb bursitis: Performance: With the toe part of the extremely close contact with the shoes, the cheap nfl jerseys will gradually swelling, skin redness and hard, touch the pain. The beginning part of the big toe common form uplift, the toe bends toward the other toes. Walking, the affected area is more pain. Size of the toe may occur. The solution: good quality and fit to wear flat shoes to alleviate the symptoms is necessary, heat or soaking in warm water to relieve pain. If the pain is severe, not walk, they should be taken for medical treatment, or even need surgery. Halloo air max 2011 / ingrown toenails: Performance: This is representative of foot disease like high heels, do not have a terrible name of "Big Shum feet" or "high heels feet", China's prevalence rate as high as 30% of women, the incidence rate second only to arthritis, osteoporosis. Roll out the roots of big toe about 15 °, with spiked-like tenderness, can be confirmed. If the coach outlet online, there is significant pain, or even the second toe from the top, like "chicken.”Locally severe ulceration, inflammation.
The big toe nail ingrown toenails is a "perverse" to the meat long, red swelling of the lesion. Often abnormal pain when walking, or even cause fever, could not sleep. Temporarily high heels as coach bags outlet, select the front or wide in the heel with short. 2) 60 ℃ hot water from the foot most effective, every 30 minutes is appropriate, mitigation of soft tissue spasm. 3) Non-wearing high-heeled, never more than 4 cm. 4) at home, barefoot, foot show the coach purses outlet extension. 5) Mild values, in the first and second interdigital pad folder. Tied inside the night in a straight line toe splint to help gradually straighten deformity. 3. Low back pain: high heels make the pelvis forward, buttocks after Alice, was beautiful, but the cat walk left, will gravity forward, the knee will be over-stretched, strained lower back muscle groups rallied together, as virtually wear there is no quality coach handbags outlet on a "back good," a long time to muscle fatigue, which makes back pain. Solution: 1. Foot grasping a towel: put a towel on the floor; grab their feet to keep for five seconds. 2. Place with heels: paving the heel to maintain standing for five seconds.
Tendon exercise: put the heel down on the steps to do the movement, you can put one foot on the coach wallets outlet, the body forward as far as possible. Grasp handrails to avoid slipping. 4. Metatarsal joint pain: Performance: Frankly speaking, that is, forefoot pain. High heels slim forefoot sole care could not suffer the weight of the body, but to demonstrate to the pain, resistance to oppression. Life and life plantar nerve was bent, and oakley sunglasses online fire, it will thicken and even inflammation. In addition, the sole area is too small, the heel is too high, poor stability and takes them in order to maintain balance, abnormal joint needs to withstand the pressure, and a long time is also pain.Solution: When severe pain, take off shoes and socks, massage. Determined to give up high ray ban 3025 a few days, wear soft cotton socks and shoes, the best children coupled with metatarsal pad.
Night heat or massage. The following symptoms of high-heeled exclusive hardcore fans, the solution Jiujiuguiyi is to try and want, especially with high into the chanel sunglasses sale do not wear that. When a serious problem, or timely medical treatment. 1. Cervical high-heeled step that you light step like Plum, but also to make the whole root of the spine precarious. Foot tight leg muscles due to tension, with the center of gravity forward, bend the classic argyle knit abnormalities, lumbar spine are stretched to the limit of two hubs to maintain a balance, making the cervical strain over very quickly. Knee joint disease ankle pressure transmitted to the second leg to the knee, calf muscle trying to keep up with a firm in a small fine, while a serious knee pull, so that fatigue damage. 3. Forefoot pressure ugg classic cardy center of gravity forward, making the arch of the foot arch bridge is always experienced as overloading, the last will inevitably lead to collapse, so feet into the iron. 4. Fatigue fracture of the foot for three months on the fine structure of the pressure of the test will reach the peak, as the accumulation of stress before the earthquake, if not careful Wei feet, it will cause fracture of the consequences.
Hammer toes which is extended over the second toe joint, proximal interphalangeal joint flexion of a deformity, like from the cheap dior sunglasses down V. Heeled over so that the chi flat iron between the toes, squeeze each other seriously, eventually leading to this diseaseThere is such a woman, she always has a heart the story of the United States, the United States not just the colorful fashion and elegant dress, the United States is not just that beautiful black hair and sweet smile and quiet, and she has been all love high chi hair dryer. Which both a leisurely filled her shoe. She was her favorite pair of self-styled "glass slipper" in high-heeled sandals. The white high-heeled dotted with colorful bright, clear the body of the shoe is also dotted with colorful bright spot, the upper inlaid with a white chi turbo, one is looking at it like is to enjoy a stunning crafts.
When she put it, she felt particularly confident; she felt an instant become a special beauty. Because in her heart always wear high air max that women have a full flavor, put on high heels that year she became a movie like Snow White, because that is a pair of "glass slipper" Yeah, in her heart she always remembered that air max 2012 ------" Slipper, "the story. Because of this reason, there is very little of her shoe heels flat, is the only pair of shoes ERKE, because sometimes it is prepared to go on a trip to a pair or she normally would not wear flat heeled shoes The. Do you know why wearing high heels will be beautiful? Not only because women wear high air max 2010 will become tall and straight and beautiful body, and will enhance the appearance of temperament, not to mention in her heart all along been filled with that "glass slipper" story yet. She likes to wear a pair of glass slippers, coupled with the straight piece of white ghd hair straighteners , and then put that piece you like pink "CBA" T-shirts; wear that she liked the white flowing dress, wear on a pair of "crystal sandals" ... ... that the U.S. mood Bengtiyouduo beautiful.
Perhaps the only known pair of her own "glass slipper" right amount of beauty. Sometimes she looked at which both the ghd of a leisurely, as if enjoying a treasure, as if behind every pair of high heels has a moving story, who knows? Which both high-heeled shoes may be behind a leisurely always been a fascinating story. Each high-heeled shoe is a woman's love story. The screen was condensed in the ugg classic tall. Love may be long gone, but shoes still there. High heels stepping on to a woman's love, to find the road to happiness. May the world the beauty of the women can wear your favorite heels.Finally have the first pair of high heels, and then a second double and third double ... ... until you have a cupboard full of one. The narrow chi digital shoes, perfect curves and shiny, one can see on the impressive, although sometimes they are not comfortable, but with them, is a kind of satisfaction.Reduce the high heels make a woman stride, legs straight, and makes the contraction of the buttocks, chest before the pretty, willowy charm along with the ghd pink. Standing in high heels, the women began a journey full of discovery and poetic. Smart woman, know how to use the mysterious sixth sense dealt with gently, to the charm of its luxurious high-heeled shoes, so that men fascinated. Fetish high heels make a woman suffer. High heels in men may be simply a pair of shoes; but for women, not just a pair of shoes is so simple, life is the most important thing is to pick a good pair of shoes. High heels on a woman is a "natural women", is the art of walking.
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