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Helping scripts for binary files

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Helping scripts for binary files

Post by asmodeus on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:22 am

Here are two helpful scripts for beginners, who want to write into binary files and read from them.

file_bin_var.gml contains the following two scripts:
file_bin_write_var(fp, val)

fp is the file id returned by file_bin_open() and val is any variable you want to write into the file, real values and strings can be stored and read.
You should delete an existing file bofre writing into it, because the final file size could change, and if it is smaller than before, the can be "rubish" at the end of the file.

For more experienced users binary_files.gml could be interesting. It contains functions to read and write words, dwords, custom sized values and strings.
file_bin_write_word(file, word[, little])
file_bin_write_dword(file, dword[, little])
file_bin_write_custom(file, size, val[, little])
file_bin_write_string(file, str, size, fill)
file_bin_read_word(file[, little])
file_bin_read_dword(file[, little])
file_bin_read_custom(file, size[, little])
file_bin_read_string(file, size)

word/dword/val/str is the value you want to write/read, little whether it is little or big endian (true=little, false=big (default)) and size is the size in bytes for reading/writing.

I hope these scripts are useful for you.

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Re: Helping scripts for binary files

Post by gogame1315 on Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:52 pm

very nice ! Very Happy
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